FineCut/Coat9 for Illustrator

System requirements

OS Microsoft® Windows® 10/11 Mac OS X 10.9 to 10.11,
macOS 10.12 to 14
Software Adobe® Illustrator® CC2015 / CC2015.3 / CC2017 / CC2018 / CC2019 / 2020 / 2021 / 2022 / 2023 / 2024*1
PlotterMIMAKI CG Series (CG-45 or later), CFL-605RT, CF-0912 Series, CF2/DC Series, CF3 Series, CF22-1225, CFX Series, CJV30 Series, TPC, CJV300/150 Series, CJV300 Plus Series, CJV330 Series, UCJV300/150 Series, UCJV330 Series
Others Gravotech LS Series, Trotec Speedy Series
ConnectionMIMAKI Serial connection*2 (crossing cable) or USB connection or LAN connection
Others Gravotech LS Series: USB connection *3
Trotec Speedy Series: USB connection (virtual COM port) *4
Others Compatible with operation conditions of Adobe® Illustrator® used

*1 Illustrator 2021/2022/2023/2024 is support Windows Server, but not FineCut/Coat9.
*2 A USB serial adapter is required for output from a USB port to a serial port. OS (operating systems) not supported by a USB serial adapter do not work properly.
*3 It is necessary to install the Gravotech L-Solution driver.
*4 It is necessary to install virtual COM port driver.

FineCut/Coat9 cannot be used by customers using following Illustrator or Mac OS.
・Illustrator 8.0.1 ~ CS5 (Windows)
・Illustrator 8.0.1 ~ CS5 (Macintosh)

・MacOS 9.2.2 ~ MacOS X 10.6.x

Download FineCut 8.9.0 from this page.
*New and improved functions in FineCut/Coat9 cannot be used.

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