High-Speed and High-Quality - Digital Textile Printing Era Has Arrived
Maximum print speed: 550 m2/h

Sublimation transfer inkjet textile printer "Tiger600-1800TS" boasts a maximum printing speed of 550 m2/h (143% in excess of the conventional model) owing to the renovated high-speed printhead and the proprietary image quality enhancement technologies. The improved print speed further contributes to promoting the digital transformation of textile printing.

High-speed sublimation transfer inkjet printer "Tiger600-1800TS"

Product outline of High-speed Sublimation Transfer Inkjet Printer "Tiger600-1800TS"

  • Maximum output speed of 550 m2/h
  • Advanced Transfer Paper Transport Mechanism: Stable Printing even with Thin Transfer Paper
  • Space-Saving and Lightweight Design for Easier Installation
  • Ink System Design and Support Functions for Continuous and Stable Production
  • Ultra-Safe Eco Sublimation Transfer Ink and Specialized Textile Software

Production Examples

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Soft Signage   Fashion Apparel   Interior fabrics   Sports Apparel
Soft Signage   Fashion Apparel   Interior fabrics   Sports Apparel

Tiger600-1800TS Catalog (1.93MB)pdf file


Tiger600-1800TS Maximum print width: 1,850 mm (72.8")

Corresponding Ink

Application list

  • Tapestry
  • Flag
  • Sports Apparel
  • Interior Fabrics
  • Fashion Textile


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