A best-in-class print speed: 800 m2/h

New head for high speed printing

The MM700-1800B employs 16 printheads arranged in four staggered lines to achieve a best-in-class print speeds of 800 m2/h (*1) and 560 m2/h (*2) in draft and standard modes, respectively.
*1: 800 m2/h: 8-color, Draft mode, 300 × 300 dpi, 2-pass
*2: 560 m2/h: 8-color, Standard mode, 600 × 600 dpi, 2-pass

New head and high speed printing

Speed and beauty, achievable printing technology

Belt meandering and belt feeding amount correction functions

Meandering sensor allows straight and accurate textile transportation even during high-speed printing. In addition, high degree accuracy control of the textile feeding, 2-pass, high-quality print without banding is possible.

Overlap processing

The overlap

Banding is reduced through repeatedly gradation color of the edge of the pass. Beautiful and high image quality is possible in high-speed printing mode.

Stable and Reliable Operation

Excellent, reliable textile transportation mechanism

Direct-to-textile print requires high accuracy and a reliable textile transportation system.
Wrinkles or drapes occasionally occur on textile when conventional textile transportation systems are used. The MM700-1800B is equipped with a drive roller bar that pastes and flattens the textile onto an adhesive transportation belt without wrinkling or draping by moving synchronously with the belt drive.

Textile transportation mechanism

The wrinkle sensor prevents printer problems

Wrinkle sensor

The wrinkle sensor detects the wrinkles or drapes occurring in the textile and immediately stops printing to avoid printhead strikes.

The jam sensor reduces damage to printheads

Jam sensor

A highly sensitive sensor attached to the printhead detects even a slightly wrinkled or draped textile surface and prevents a printhead strike or a media jam, thereby reducing printhead damage.

Worry-free operation

20-liter ink packs extend the continuous print operation time

20-liter large-capacity ink packs. The large ink packs ensure longer unattended operation and extended large-lot printing.

Temperature adjustment system increases the head performance

Temperature adjustment system

Two-stage temperature control system:
a standard for ink distribution tank and head internal heater.
Maintaining the optional ink viscosity and a stable ink discharge amount in high-speed printing achieves head performance.

Wide touch panel display

Wide touch panel display

21.5-inch-wide touch panel display provides simple and easy-to-read printer operation status.

Four ink types are available to accommodate a wide range of materials

Four ink types* are provided to suit a wide range of applications. The large-capacity 20-liter ink packs support high-speed printing.

Reactive C, M, Y, K, Or, Bl, Lm, Lk Molecules of dyes and fibers are stabilized by covalent binding and deliver high color fastness to water, rubbing and light. This ink reproduces accurate colors vibrantly. Apparel, Home furnishing Cotton, hemp, silk, rayon and other materials  
Sublimation TBD Dedicated ink for direct sublimation printing. Transfer paper is not required. Soft signage Polyester Available in the future
Pigment TBD Only a heating process is needed for color fixation. Post processes are remarkably simplified because steaming, washing and drying are not required. Home furnishing Cotton, hemp and other materials Available in the future
Acid TBD Excellent vibrant color reproducibility on animal fibers, and on synthetic protein fibers like nylon. Apparel, Home furnishing Wool, leather, silk, nylon and other materials Available in the future

* One ink type can be selected at the time of purchase to be loaded to the printer; please note that the ink type cannot be changed once it is loaded.

Mimaki genuine unit

Feeding unit

Feeding unit

This unit applies the appropriate tension to the textile to ensure stable textile feeding while using an air brake and a dancer bar.

Additional drying heater

Additional drying heater

To prevent an ink set-off while taking up the textile, the additional heater shortens the ink drying time even at high speed printing with high ink density.

Drier / Winder unit

Winder Equipment

A stable winding movement enables the taking up of the textile at high speeds without skewing.

The standard drying heater

The heater accelerates ink drying on the textile after printing.*
* Note that the heater may not completely dry the ink if a large amount of ink is applied.

Drier / Winder unit

Camera calibration

The camera monitors the distance of the textile feed advancement.
The amount of textile feeding is optimized, which therefore improves the accuracy of the dot placement.


High-performance software RIP "TxLink4 Professional" is bundled.

MM700-1800B Catalog (2.4MB)pdf file


MM700-1800B Maximum print width: 1,800 mm (70.9")

Application list

  • Tapestry
  • Flag
  • Sports Apparel
  • Interior Fabrics
  • Fashion Textile

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