Advantages of digital printing

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Changing from conventional analog printing to plateless digital or on-demand production printing

Eco-solvent inkjet printer JV330 Series

In the production plants, the needs from mass-production is shifting towards multi-product, high-mix and low-volume production.

The demand for digital on-demand production is expanding. Plateless digital printing makes possible multi-product, low-volume printing in a limited printing time and cheaper.

Moreover, a limited printing time allows various printing patters, depending on individual needs, creativeness or seasons. The ability to set up clean working environments with space-saving equipment makes possible production on city peripheral, close to the point of consumption, cutting the time and cost for distribution.

Full color

Various design possibilities with full color and gradation print without the limitation of colors.

Quick delivery

Full color print is done in one process without using plates. It enables quick delivery.

Color matching time is reduced

It is now possible to create a single sample which have the same quality when compared the final product with the original design.
Using the digital data makes easy and simply color matching and based on the original design the production can start right away.

Analog printing requires times for color matching before starting the production. In digital printing that time is no needed.

Low cost

Lower cost production is achieved by printing without plates and with less production processes.


Simple process makes any body to be able to print easily. It is simple as that it does not require knowledge of prepress or blending ink.

Small volume production

On-demand and only one production is possible by printing without plates. Variable data printing and custom-made production is also possible.

High added value

The needs of the customers can be now quickly answered to, depending on their own hobbies or seasons.
In addition to the standard color prints, the UV inkjet printers allow glossy finish, texture print, and embossed effects which adds more value to the printed materials.

Environmentally friendly

Inkjet printing reduces ink wastes because it ejects ink only to the parts to be printed. It also reduces the process to clean the plates after printing.

Workflow of digital printing

Inkjet printer allows to do the job in several hours which used to take several days to complete with analog print process.

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Adequate digital inkjet printers

Mimaki offers a wide range of printers for customer. The original inks and inkjet technologies are available for any kind of materials.

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Advertisements / signboards

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Industrial and promotional products

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Clothing / fabrics

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