SDS (Thailand)

SDS(Safety Data Sheet) is a document containing information and instructions on the chemical and physical characteristics of a substance, its hazards and risks, safe handling requirements and actions to be taken in the event of fire, spill or exposure.

Parts No. Name Color File size
SPC-0504W-2 / SS21-W-50-2 SS21 ink White 357.8KB
SPC-0501LK-2 / SPC-0588LK-2 / SS21-LK-60-2 SS21 ink Light Black 341.31KB
SPC-0501OR-2 / SPC-0588OR-2 / SS21-OR-60-2 SS21 ink Orange 765.85KB
SPC-0501LK / SPC-0588LK / SS21-LK-60 SS21 ink Light Black 759.07KB
SPC-0501LM-2 / SPC-0588LM-2 / SS21-LM-60-2 SS21 ink Light Magenta 767.45KB
SPC-0501LC-3 / SPC-0588LC-3 / SS21-LC-60-3 SS21 ink Light Cyan 752.75KB
SPC-0501Y / SPC-0588Y / SS21-Y-60 SS21 ink Yellow 757.79KB
SPC-0501M-2 / SPC-0588M-2 / SS21-M-60-2 SS21 ink Magenta 754.16KB
SPC-0501K-2 / SPC-0588K-2 / SS21-K-60-2 SS21 ink Black 770.33KB
SPC-0501C-3 / SPC-0588C-3 / SS21-C-60-3 SS21 ink Cyan 772.84KB
SPC-0667Y / SPC-0693Y BS3 ink Yellow 316.33KB
SPC-0667M / SPC-0693M BS3 ink Magenta 319.58KB
SPC-0667K / SPC-0693K BS3 ink Black 355.39KB
SPC-0667C / SPC-0693C BS3 ink Cyan 307.24KB
BS4-M-60-2 / BS4-M-2L-2 BS4 Magenta 563.72KB
BS4-Y-60 / BS4-Y-2L BS4 Yellow 625.03KB
BS4-K-60-2 / BS4-K-2L-2 BS4 Black 635.54KB
BS4-C-60 / BS4-C-2L BS4 Cyan 553.64KB
CS100-Y-BB CS100 ink Yellow 324.18KB
CS100-M-BB CS100 ink Magenta 298.23KB
CS100-K-BB CS100 ink Black 349.02KB
CS100-C-BB CS100 ink Cyan 300.35KB
CS200-Y-BB CS200 Yellow 625.88KB
CS200-M-BB-2 CS200 Magenta 570.38KB
CS200-C-BB CS200 Cyan 547.73KB
CS200-K-BB-3 CS200 Black 566.09KB
LH100-CL-BA / LH100-CL-B2 / SPC-0597CL / SPC-0659CL UVink LH-100 Clear 542.31KB
LH100-W-BA / LH100-W-B2 / SPC-0597W / SPC-0659W UVink LH-100 White 603.13KB
LH100-LM-BA / LH100-LM-B2 / SPC-0597LM / SPC-0659LM UVink LH-100 Light Magenta 840.58KB
LH100-LC-BA / LH100-LC-B2 / SPC-0597LC / SPC-0659LC UVink LH-100 Light Cyan 550.48KB
LH100-Y-BA / LH100-Y-B2 / SPC-0597Y / SPC-0659Y UVink LH-100 Yellow 601.36KB
LH100-M-BA / LH100-M-B2 / SPC-0597M / SPC-0659M UVink LH-100 Magenta 649.76KB
LH100-K-BA / LH100-K-B2 / SPC-0597K / SPC-0659K UVink LH-100 Black 551.6KB
LH100-C-BA / LH100-C-B2 / SPC-0597C / SPC-0659C UVink LH-100 Cyan 548.57KB
LUS12-LM-BA / LUS12-LM-B2 LUS-120 Light Magenta 719.27KB
LUS12-LC-BA / LUS12-LC-B2 LUS-120 Light Cyan 713.23KB
LUS12-CL-BA / LUS12-CL-B2 LUS-120 Clear 710.32KB
LUS12-W-BA / LUS12-W-B2 LUS-120 White 711.17KB
LUS12-Y-BA / LUS12-Y-B2 LUS-120 Yellow 721.13KB
LUS12-M-BA / LUS12-M-B2 LUS-120 Magenta 712.6KB
LUS12-K-BA-2 / LUS12-K-B2-2 LUS-120 Black 717.18KB
LUS12-C-BA-2 / LUS12-C-B2-2 LUS-120 Cyan 707.83KB
LUS15-LM-BA UVink LUS-150 Light Magenta 661.7KB
LUS15-LC-BA UVink LUS-150 Light Cyan 669.72KB
LUS15-W-BA UVink LUS-150 White 663.71KB
LUS15-Y-BA UVink LUS-150 Yellow 661.61KB
LUS15-M-BA UVink LUS-150 Magenta 668.48KB
LUS15-K-BA UVink LUS-150 Black 673.88KB
LUS15-C-BA UVink LUS-150 Cyan 661.9KB
LU175-CL-BA LUS-175 Clear 783.97KB
LU175-LM-BA LUS-175 Light Magenta 780.25KB
LU175-LC-BA LUS-175 Light Cyan 781.25KB
LU175-W-BA LUS-175 White 785.99KB
LU175-Y-BA LUS-175 Yellow 789.23KB
LU175-M-BA LUS-175 Magenta 780.2KB
LU175-K-BA LUS-175 Black 703.64KB
LU175-C-BA LUS-175 Cyan 789.01KB
LUS21-M-BA-2 UV ink LUS-210 Magenta 417.26KB
LUS21-W-BA UV ink LUS-210 White 812.01KB
LUS21-K-BA UV ink LUS-210 Black 819.43KB
LUS21-Y-BA UV ink LUS-210 Yellow 805.03KB
LUS21-M-BA UV ink LUS-210 Magenta 811.32KB
LUS21-C-BA UV ink LUS-210 Cyan 791.9KB
LUS35-CL-BA-2 LUS-350 Clear 417.47KB
LUS35-W-BA-2 LUS-350 White 445.51KB
LUS35-Y-BA-2 LUS-350 Yellow 405.74KB
LUS35-M-BA-2 LUS-350 Magenta 429.68KB
LUS35-K-BA-2 LUS-350 Black 398.2KB
LUS35-C-BA-2 LUS-350 Cyan 412.46KB
MH100-CL-BD / MH100-CL-BA MH-100 ink Clear 650.95KB
MH100-W-BD / MH100-W-BA MH-100 ink White 693.56KB
MH100-Y-BA MH-100 ink Yellow 691.32KB
MH100-M-BA MH-100 ink Magenta 678.74KB
MH100-K-BA MH-100 ink Black 701.29KB
MH100-C-BA MH-100 ink Cyan 691.31KB
SW100-Z-BD / SW100-Z-BA SW-100 ink Clear 646.22KB
MLS51-KT-BJ-5 MLSb510 Black T 281.71KB
MLS51-BLT-BJ-2 MLSb510 Blue T 274.74KB
MLS51-YT-BJ-2 MLSb510 Yellow T 273.31KB
MLS51-MT-BJ-2 MLSb510 Magenta T 267.96KB
MLS52-BLD-BJ MLSb520 Blue D 287.74KB
MLS52-YD-BJ MLSb520 Yellow D 290.9KB
MLS52-MD-BJ MLSb520 Magenta D 288.1KB
MLS52-KD-BJ MLSb520 Black D 276.57KB
SB54-LMT-44-4 / SB54-LMT-2L-4 Sb54 Light Magenta T 230.24KB
SB54-LBT-44-4 / SB54-LBT-2L-4 Sb54 Light Blue T 229.98KB
SB54-KT-44-5 / SB54-KT-2L-5 Sb54 Black T 286.61KB
SB54-LMT-44-3 / SB54-LMT-2L-3 Sb54 Light Magenta T 271.78KB
SB54-LBT-44-3 / SB54-LBT-2L-3 Sb54 Light Blue T 285.74KB
SB54-YT-44 / SB54-YT-2L Sb54 Yellow T 292.56KB
SB54-MT-44-3 / SB54-MT-2L-3 Sb54 Magenta T 273.02KB
SB54-BLT-44-3 / SB54-BLT-2L-3 Sb54 Blue T 279.87KB
SB310-LMT-BB-4 Sb310 Light Magenta T 244.45KB
SB310-LBT-BB-4 Sb310 Light Blue T 237.31KB
SB310-KT-BB-5 Sb310 Black T 273.27KB
SB310-LMT-BB-3 Sb310 Light Magenta T 292.68KB
SB310-LBT-BB-3 Sb310 Light Blue T 279.03KB
SB310-YT-BB-3 Sb310 Yellow T 265.29KB
SB310-MT-BB-3 Sb310 Magenta T 287.22KB
SB310-BLT-BB-3 Sb310 Blue T 280.6KB
SB320-LMD-BB Sb320 Light Magenta D 284.69KB
SB320-LBD-BB Sb320 Light Blue D 401.9KB
SB320-YD-BB Sb320 Yellow D 286.1KB
SB320-MD-BB Sb320 Magenta D 292.46KB
SB320-KD-BB Sb320 Black D 288KB
SB320-BLD-BB Sb320 Blue D 279.07KB
SB410-FYT-2L Sb410 Fluorescent Yellow T 284.24KB
SB410-FPT-2L Sb410 Fluorescent Pink T 273.5KB
SB411-LKT-2L-2 Sb411 Light Black T 231.01KB
SB411-LMT-2L-2 Sb411 Light Magenta T 244.41KB
SB411-LBT-2L-2 Sb411 Light Blue T 244.41KB
SB411-KT-2L-5 / SB411-KT-BJ-5 Sb411 Black T 241.77KB
SB411-LKT-2L Sb411 Light Black T 278.73KB
SB411-LMT-2L Sb411 Light Magenta T 272.16KB
SB411-LBT-2L Sb411 Light Blue T 272.24KB
SB411-YT-2L / SB411-YT-BJ Sb411 Yellow T 237.67KB
SB411-MT-2L / SB411-MT-BJ Sb411 Magenta T 231.05KB
SB411-BLT-2L / SB411-BLT-BJ Sb411 Blue T 224.53KB
SB420-LMD-2L Sb420 Light Magenta D 294.09KB
SB420-LBD-2L Sb420 Light Blue D 389.61KB
SB420-YD-2L Sb420 Yellow D 308.89KB
SB420-MD-2L Sb420 Magenta D 294.84KB
SB420-KD-2L Sb420 Black D 281.23KB
SB420-BLD-2L Sb420 Blue D 293.32KB
SB610-KT-2L-7 / SB610-KT-BJ-7 / SB610-KT-BA-7 Sb610 Black T 241.61KB
SB610-YT-2L-7 / SB610-YT-BJ-7 / SB610-YT-BA-7 Sb610 Yellow T 237.72KB
SB610-MT-2L-7 / SB610-MT-BJ-7 / SB610-MT-BA-7 Sb610 Magenta T 245.65KB
SB610-BLT-2L-7 / SB610-BLT-BJ-7 / SB610-BLT-BA-7 Sb610 Blue T 231.78KB
SB610-LKT-2L-2 Sb610 Light Black T 237.3KB
SB610-LMT-2L-3/SB610-LMT-BJ-3 Sb610 Light Magenta T 238KB
SB610-LBT-2L-2/SB610-LBT-BJ-2 Sb610 Light Blue T 230.77KB
SB610-KT-2L-5/SB610-KT-BJ-5/SB610-KT-BA-5 Sb610 Black T 280.25KB
SB610-LMT-2L/SB610-LMT-BJ Sb610 Light Magenta T 278.16KB
SB610-LKT-2L Sb610 Light Black T 258.37KB
SB610-FYT-2L Sb610 Fluorescent Yellow T 284.24KB
SB610-FPT-2L Sb610 Fluorescent Pink T 287.29KB
SB610-LBT-2L/SB610-LBT-BJ Sb610 Light Blue T 279.08KB
SB610-YT-2L/SB610-YT-BJ/SB610-YT-BA Sb610 Yellow T 272.19KB
SB610-MT-2L/SB610-MT-BJ/SB610-MT-BA Sb610 Magenta T 287.26KB
SB610-BLT-2L/SB610-BLT-BJ/SB610-BLT-BA Sb610 Blue T 266.68KB
TP400-LK-2L Textile Pigment ink TP400 Light Black 243.17KB
TP400-R-2L Textile Pigment ink TP400 Red 199.44KB
TP400-BL-2L Textile Pigment ink TP400 Blue 213.26KB
TP400-Y-2L Textile Pigment ink TP400 Yellow 437.28KB
TP400-M-2L Textile Pigment ink TP400 Magenta 436.29KB
TP400-K-2L Textile Pigment ink TP400 Black 507.18KB
TP400-C-2L Textile Pigment ink TP400 Cyan 436.55KB
RC400-LK-2L Rc400 Light Black 415.41KB
RC400-OR-2L Rc400 Orange 359.34KB
RC400-R-2L Rc400 Red 394.43KB
RC400-Y-2L Rc400 Yellow 387.5KB
RC400-M-2L Rc400 Magenta 366.11KB
RC400-K-2L Rc400 Black 454.57KB
RC400-C-2L Rc400 Cyan 373.47KB
RC400-BL-2L Rc400 Blue 352.86KB
MLR50-LK-BJ MLRC500 Light Black 293.76KB
MLR50-OR-BJ MLRC500 Orange 275.96KB
MLR50-BL-BJ MLRC500 Blue 289.89KB
MLR50-R-BJ MLRC500 Red 297.12KB
MLR50-K-BJ MLRC500 Black 291.4KB
MLR50-Y-BJ MLRC500 Yellow 298KB
MLR50-M-BJ MLRC500 Magenta 304.56KB
MLR50-C-BJ MLRC500 Cyan 282.16KB
MLC01-Z-BJ ML Cleaner001 Clear Liquid 266.03KB
PR200-Z-22-2 / PR200-Z-60-2 / PR200-Z-BA-2 / PR200-Z-B2-2 / PR200-Z-CA-2 / PR200-Z-C6-2 IJ Primer PR-200 Clear 661.52KB
PR200-Z-22-3 / PR200-Z-60-3 / PR200-Z-BA-3 / PR200-Z-B2-3 / PR200-Z-C6-3 / PR200-Z-CA-3 IJ Primer PR-200 Clear 866.81KB
SPC-0294 / SPC-0369 MILD SOLVENT WASHING LIQUID/Cleaning Solution 200 for Solvent Ink Clear Liquid 564.98KB
ML014-Z-BA / ML014-Z-22 / ML014-Z-1L Maintenance Liquid 14 Clear Liquid 303.73KB
ML014-Z-K1 Maintenance Liquid 14 Clear Liquid 608.32KB
ML011-Z-K2 / ML011-Z-B2 Maintenance Liquid 11 Clear Liquid 398.07KB
FL007-Z-BA / FL007-Z-BB / FL007-Z-22 / ML007-Z-K2 Flushing Liquid 07, Maintenance Liquid 07 Clear Liquid 557.56KB
ML007-Z-22 / ML007-Z-BA / ML007-Z-BB / ML007-Z-K1 Maintenance Liquid 07 Clear Liquid 556.07KB
SPC-0516FS / SPC-0568 / SPC-0569 UVink F-200 Washing Liquid Clear Liquid 563.66KB
SPC-0606FS UV ink LH-100/LF-200 washing Liquid Clear Liquid 393.48KB
SPC-0371FS-2 UV INK Washing Liquid Clear Liquid 391.07KB
FL003-Z-BB / FL003-Z-22 / FL003-Z-2L / ML003-Z-K1 / FL003-Z-BJ Flushing Liquid 03, Maintenance Liquid 03 Clear Liquid 288.13KB
SPC-0137 Cleaning Solution Bottle A29 Clear Liquid 308.41KB
ML015-Z-44 / ML015-Z-B1 / ML015-Z-K1 / ML015-Z-K2 Maintenance Liquid 15 Clear Liquid 562.57KB
PHT50-W-50 PHT50 White 666.58KB
PHT50-K-60 PHT50 Black 670.41KB
PHT50-Y-60 PHT50 Yellow 665.59KB
PHT50-M-60 PHT50 Magenta 668.94KB
PHT50-C-60 PHT50 Cyan 666.06KB
ML016-Z-B2 / ML016-Z-K1 Maintenance Liquid 16 Clear Liquid 208.53KB
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