The starting and ending positions of the cut do not match.

  • See the following.

1. Check the cutting blade protrusion.

Cutting blade protrusion = 0.3 to 0.5mm  (If the blade doesn't cut, please replace it.)

The right amount of pressure is when the blade leaves an indentation on the mounting paper after peeling off a test cut.

2. Is the cutter blade you are using a genuine MIMAKI product? Are the cutting conditions appropriate?
Perform [SQUARE CUT] to cut a rectangular shape and check if the cutting function is working correctly.

- Is the registered speed too fast?
 Try cutting a speed lower (slower) than the current configuration to see if it improves.
- Is the proper pressure applied to the blade?
 The conditions may vary depending on the blade or sheet being used.
 Having higher pressure does not necessarily mean better cutting performance.
- Please see here for the appropriate offset value.

3. Set the strength of the clamps to be symmetrical on both sides.
When applying 2 clamps, select strong for both of the clamps, and when applying 3 clamps, select strong for both ends and select weak for the middle.
For instance, when selecting [strong-weak-weak] for 3-clamp application, the pressure to hold down the sheet media is uneven, and media skew could result.

4. Gradually increase the value of [ADJ-PRS OFS] (correction pressure offset).
When cutting corners, the machine automatically cuts with a lower cutting pressure to prevent the sheet from curling up.
Due to low cutting pressure, the cutting blade might not rotate smoothly in the forward direction, and may leave uncut parts.

Please refer to the “Operation Manual” for the setting of [ADJ-PRS OFS].

5. Sheet slipping and shifting occurred due to dusts, debris on the pen line rubber (pen line sheet)?
Clean the pen line rubber (pen line sheet).

6. When cut debris or other particles get stuck in the grit roller, there is a possibility of it causing meandering.
Use a toothbrush to clean up the roller.

7. If the problems are not solved even after checking the above, we recommend replacing the cutter blade and pen line rubber (pen line sheet).

For the part numbers of consumables, please see here.

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