Tell me about a Vacuum Unit

  • The following information is about the Mimaki Vacuum Unit.

Option part name: Vacuum Unit (P/N:OPT-J0216, OPT-J0217, OPT-J0232)

① This vacuum unit has both “Vacuum” and “Blower” function.
The “Vacuum” function: You use this function to fix your print media on the vacuum table surface.
The “Blower” function: You use this function to set up the heavy print media. The blower reduces table friction allowing large or heavy pieces to be set easily.

② You can control the Vacuum/Blower power in 10 levels.

③ There are 3 types of vacuum unit which you can choose from MIMAKI.
These vacuum units are separated due to the type of power supply. You need to choose the one which the power spec matches to your building power supply.
・ P/N:OPT-J0216 (3 phases, 200-240V, 30A or less)
・ P/N:OPT-J0217 (Single phase, 200-240V, 30A or less)
・ P/N:OPT-J0232 (3phases, 380-480, 20A or less)

・ The vacuum unit may break if you connect it to a building power supply that does not match to the vacuum unit power supply spec.
・ Please contact a qualified electrician to set up the vacuum unit.

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