What is the meaning of Cartridge LED?

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Green LED ---- When used with 4-color ink set, the machine supplies ink from the ink cartridge with lower ink. In this case, the cartridge being used lights in green.
Blinking Red LED ---- Indicates [Near end], [Ink end] or [Expiration], ink expiration date is approaching.
Red LED ---- Indicates [No ink remaining], [No ink cartridge inserted] or [Other ink errors]

【Meaning of [No ink remaining]・・・】
When the machine is in 4 color ink set mode, it will automatically switch over to another Ink cartridge after detecting [Near end] and [Ink end].
For example:, 1st Magenta cartridge detected [Ink end] during printing image and UISS valve will switch over to the 2nd Magenta cartridge. However, the first ink cartridge with lower ink is used when a cleaning function is performed. In above case, 1st Ink cartridge is used for the cleaning function and if the cartridge empties completely it indicates [No ink remaining].
*UISS function is not available other than 4 color ink-set mode.

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