What is UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System)?

  • When the ink cartridge runs out, another cartridge automatically begins to supply ink. Ink cartridges can be replaced during printing and overnight continuous printing is possible. *UISS only works in 4 color ink-set model.

Timing for switching Ink cartridge.
【1】 [Ink near End] message is detected during Printing.
【2】 [Ink near End] message is detected during filling-up ink.
【3】 Ink cartridge is removed.
【4】 Error is detected in the Ink cartridge.
【5】 Cleaning function of finishing-up cleaning.

【What is the finishing-up cleaning ・・・】
To finish remaining ink in the cartridge, [Near end] and [Ink end] cartridge is used priority used when performing Cleaning function.

* UISS doesn’t work other than 4 color ink-set model.
* Ink cartridge will be switched when supplying ink cartridge is removed during printing and cleaning, however function is stopped.

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