Do I need to do Special maintenance for White Ink?

  • White ink's pigment precipitate easily compared to the other ink colors. So you need to do the following "Special Maintenance" for White ink to prevent precipitation.

If white ink precipitates inside an ink line or print head, it will cause “Ink mist issue”, “Nozzle out or clogged issue”, and “Nozzles deflection issue”. Then the print quality will deteriorate rapidly.
If your printer has white ink, please perform the following maintenance.

Case1: If you use printer every day
・ [Every day]: Shake the all White ink cartridge.
Remove the all White cartridges and shake them well, and reinsert these into each ink slots.
【How to shake it】:Please refer to the following manual
Operation manual ”-[Chapter 4]-[Ink cartridge]-[How to shake an ink cartridge]

・ [Every day]: A Normal Cleaning function for White ink heads.
Operate a Normal Cleaning for the all White Heads once a day even if you do not use the White Ink. Please see when you should operate this cleaning in the following document.
Q: What should I do to keep good print quality?

・ [Once a week]: [White maintenance]
If the printer is not used for over 2 weeks, the white pigment will completely precipitated inside the printer. The “Ink cartridge”, “Ink tube” and “Print head” may be adversely affected.
White print density will become light and nozzle out issue occurs. Once white precipitates, the printer needs to be repaired by a technician. In most cases, parts will need replacement like the print head or ink tubes. Both are expensive.
Please operate “White Maintenance” function once a week to prevent white ink precipitation.
【Detail】:Please see the following document to operate the White Maintenance.
Operation manual ”-[Chapter 4]-[Regular maintenance for white ink] 

Case2: If you do not use printer every day
・ [If you do not use the printer for 「Less than 2 days」]
・ [If you do not use the printer for 「Between 3~7days」]
・ [If you do not use the printer for 「Over 8days」]
Please see the following document to see more details for each cases
Daily Care Manual 』-[What to do when this machine is not used]

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