What type of ink can be used?

  • There are two kinds of UV ink that can be used in this printer.

・ 「Hard Ink LH-100 (SPC-0597)」: M, C, Y, K, W, Cl 
(Lc, Lm are not available)
・ 「Flexible Ink LF-200 (SPC-0591)」: M, C, Y, K, W
(Cl, Lc, Lm are not available)

※ Color name; M: Magenta, C: Cyan, Y: Yellow, K: Black, W: White, Cl: Clear,
Lc: Light Cyan, Lm: Light Magenta
※ Please see more details in the following document.
[Q: Characteristics of Hard Ink and Flexible ink ]

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