How can I reduce the ink smell from print result

  • You may smell ink from print surface right after printing

This ink smell is not harmful, but if you felt bad, please have fresh air and try the following things.

[The smell can be reduced by heating up the printed material]

・ It will be reduced if you heat up the printed material under 80℃(176F) and for 30 - 60 min.
(It will also be reduced slowly by leaving under thermally neutral environment.)

However, the printed surface color will be changed to “yellow” little bit after the heating.
It is depends on your printed material, so test it and make sure the color does not change before you try to heat up the material. We recommend you to heat it up under 60℃(140F).
Please see the other Q&A “Can I heat up a print result? ” .

[Reducing the Ink smell by increasing Ink curing level]
・ The ink smell from printed material surface is “Unreacted Ink Element”.
Please see the other Q&A “Ink is not adhered to substrates”, and try some ways to increase Ink curing level.

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