How should I store the brand new UV Ink cartridge?

  • Please store new UV ink cartridges or ink packs in a cool, dark place.

If they are stored in elevated temperatures, the ink chemistry may change and alter the ink color. Other machine related errors may occur when using improperly stored ink. Please refer to the following information and keep the ink in the recommended storage environment.

1. Storage Temperature:

①. Hard UV ink (P/N:SPC-0371、SPC-0404HY)
Recommended storage temperature:5 - 35℃ (41 – 95°F)
②. Hard UV ink LH-100 (P/N:SPC-0659、SPC-0597)
Recommended storage temperature:0 - 25℃ (32 – 77°F)
③. Flexible UV ink F-200 (P/N:SPC-0516)
Recommended storage temperature:0 - 35℃ (32 – 95°F)
④. Flexible UV ink LF-200 (P/N:SPC-0591)
Recommended storage temperature:0 - 20℃ (32 – 68°F)

2. Shipping Temperature:
Please ship UV ink in the same temperature conditions as the above Storage Temperatures.

UV ink may cure inside the ink pack if it is stored in temperatures above the recommended Storage Temperature.

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