The cutting position is starting off-center from the origin.

  • If the cutting position is consistently offset as shown in the figure below, please try adjusting the cut origin position using the offset settings.

The cutting starts from a position that is shifted 0.5mm to the left and 0.33mm upwards.

Follow the steps below to adjust the registration mark origin position.

(1) On the LOCAL mode screen, press the FUNCTION key or Up/Down key to select [SET UP].

(2) When [MARK DETECT] is displayed, press ENTER.

(3) Press ENTER five times on [MARK DETECT ***]

(4) [offsetA] will be displayed.
A adjusts the feed direction (front and back).
In the example, there is a 0.33mm upward offset.  Adjust the value using the up and down key to set it to -0.3mm, then press ENTER.
* If there is a 0.3mm downward offset, set the value to +0.3mm.
* If adjusting in the upward direction, use a positive value; for the downward direction, use a negative value.

(5) [offsetB] will be displayed.
B adjusts the horizontal direction (left and right)
IN the example, there is a 0.5mm leftward offset.  To correct this, use the up and down keys to set it to -0.5mm, then press the [ENTER].
* If there is a 0.5mm rightward offset, set it to +0.5mm.
* If adjusting in the rightward direction, use a negative value; for the leftward direction, use a positive value.

(6) Press the [END] key several times to return to the LOCAL screen, and then proceed with cutting as usual.

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